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Expand your Ministry's Giving Options with Gift Annuities

The EFCA Foundation Gift Annuity Solutions for EFCA Affiliates

Do you desire to promote charitable gift annuities to help further your ministry's mission and purposes?

The EFCA Foundation can help!

Your older donors are already hearing about this lifetime income plan from their alma maters, community foundations, and other charities. Now they can support your ministry in this way, too!

It's a gift that gives back!

As a national ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America, we bring planned giving expertise and 100% "back office" support to EFCA affiliates and to their financial supporters. Local churches, camps, senior adult care facilities, and district ministries will benefit directly through charitable gift annuities. This is our service to approved EFCA affiliates. And, we currently offer this popular lifetime income plan to people residing in 49 of 50 states. Only the state of New York is excluded.

You might be asking

  1. What are Charitable Gift Annuities?
  2. Who is most attracted to this gift plan?
  3. Why should my ministry offer charitable gift annuities?
  4. Are Gift Annuities safe?
  5. What can the EFCA Foundation do?
  6. How can our ministry get started?

Are you interested? Contact the EFCA Foundation today to get started.

1. What are Charitable Gift Annuities?

2. Who is most attracted to this gift plan?

People and couples, age 60 and over, commonly express interest. Those age 70 and over are more likely to enter into a gift annuity agreement because of the attractive rates that we offer.

Gift annuities provide a way to secure a safe and secure fixed stream of payments, gain a charitable tax deduction, and provide a future gift to their favorite EFCA-affiliated ministry or ministries. It is a simple way to make an early bequest...and without the hassle or expense of going to an attorney.

We follow rates set by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

3. Why should my ministry offer charitable gift annuities?

Gift annuities represent another method of giving that allows an EFCA affiliate to benefit from contributions and carry out its purposes. A person or couple who enters into a Gift Annuity Agreement with the EFCA Foundation makes a gift and receives fixed payments for life.

Following their Homegoing, the remaining value will be distributed to your ministry, following the exact wishes of the donors.

4. Are Gift Annuities safe?

Yes. Charitable gift annuities are backed 100% by the assets of the Evangelical Free Church of America. We have offered these for many years (over 1000 annuities) have benefited many donors and EFCA ministries.

Here's the current EFCA Disclosure Statement for Charitable Gift Annuities.

5. What will the EFCA Foundation do?

The EFCA Foundation will provide your ministry with marketing tools and a plan to help you promote charitable gift annuities to your members, participants, and generous givers. Those interested in benefiting your ministry financially will be able to make a gift and secure lifetime income.

The EFCA Foundation will work on your behalf with those who express an interest. We will provide rate quotes and information on a no-obligation, pressure free basis. We will accept the gift, provide the proper gift receipt, issue the Charitable Gift Annuity agreement, issue payment checks for life, and annually prepare and mail 1099 tax forms. We will ensure 100% compliance to various state regulations and reserve requirements. The Gift Annuity Agreements would be between the EFCA Foundation and the CGA participants.

We comply with the standards and best practices set by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). We also maintain donor confidentiality. We leave it to donors to notify you of their plans to leave funds to any and all EFCA affiliate ministries.


6. What's in it for the EFCA Foundation?

The the EFCA Foundation strives to bring our planned giving experience to help resource and strengthen EFCA ministries across the United States. In this way, we further the EFCA mission: We exist to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

We are better together.

7. How can our ministry get started?

Contact the EFCA Foundation today. We'll explain how to get started.